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Bravo reports 99.994% system uptime for 2022

Bravo Passenger Solutions, a leading global passenger service system provider, reports an average system uptime of 99.994% for the year 2022.

‘’It is great to see a return to the “four 9’s” again in marking five consecutive years above 99.974% uptime since we started publishing our uptime and an improvement from the previous year. An uptime of 100% was achieved for ten months for all customers and no customer was in breach of their contracted SLA” said Jason Bitter, CEO.

Ashley Weston, Head of Operations said, “For us, there is still always room for improvement as we cannot stand still. We remain committed to our private cloud strategy hosted in Switzerland with our hosting partner Reist who continue to deliver the highest Swiss standards of security, redundancy and reliability. We are constantly working to evolve and enhance infrastructure, security and our application to continue to deliver a reliable and robust product to all our customers.”

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