Departure & load control

System includes complete check-in and boarding features which can be deployed on dedicated or shared environments. Our DCS is in use at hundreds of airports globally and can be deployed easily and quickly with minimal training required. If a third-party ground handler is used, Avantik can process PNL and ADL messages for the departure control system and receive PFS, PRL and/or ETL messages back to process passenger information and passenger and flight status. Since it is fully integrated into the core, there is full access to reservations, tickets, customer profiles, voucher creation and more throughout the check-in and boarding process based on user access levels.

Common Use

The Avantik DCS is currently deployed at many airpors using SITA CUTE, Amadeus ACUS and ARINC C and V MUSE airports. We have also deployed with RESA and other common use providers.

Passenger lists can be displayed and printed in various formats. Sorting is available by:

  • last name
  • fare class
  • reservation segment status
  • net total
  • sales currency
  • record locator
  • ticket number
  • seat number
  • passenger language
  • agency/airline office ID

APIS information, special services, check-in details, comments and inbound/outbound connections can be displayed. These are also available as sorting choices on request.

Bravo connects to SITA, ARINC and Amadeus Message Net allowing for automated processing of numerous airport operations.

Full APIS and PNRGOV can be captured through the DCS and available for verification.

Bravo also offers web check-in and integrates via API for various mobile app, kiosk or web check-in systems.

Boarding Control

Avantik’s Boarding Control module allows passengers boarding by scanning boarding passes issued at check-in or printed out by the passenger at web check-in or using an app. Passengers can also be boarded manually by sequence, seat or boarding pass number (one or multiple/all passengers at a time).

To find out how the Bravo passenger service system could benefit your airline, please follow one of the links to arrange a demo.