Tour operator & charter management

Bravo has built-in unique capabilities when it comes to automated contract management which is of particular importance for charter airlines.

Contract Management

This unique feature allows you to delegate specific functions that are required to automatically manage seat Inventory to your groups, tour operator or charter requirements. This eliminates the manual processes usually used for various types of groups (e.g. soft or hard blocks) and charter operations.

The details of contracts can be managed in the system (including pro-forma and final invoicing). This feature easily customises the system settings for each vendor.

  • Guaranteed allotment
    • Fixed allotment to vendor
    • Vendor will be invoiced on whole allotment
  • Working allotment
    • Remaining allotment is expired at a given number of hours prior to flight departure and the vendor will be invoiced according to actual tickets issued.
  • Pooling
    • Sharing of a common seat inventory or soft block arrangement between two or more airlines

Export and Import Allotment

One of the key features of Avantik is the ability to export and import allotments. This allows the main tour operator to include and edit allotments with ease by exporting or importing a CSV or other file format. We currently support over 18 different formats for automatic import.

PNL and ADL Loading

Bravo understands the complexity of selling charters or flights with hard block arrangements. To assist with this, we provide alternate solutions for almost every process and airlines and tour operators can download PNL.

Ticket Robot

All assigned sales channels such as the tour operator, their sub agents, and other groups are able to issue tickets for all passengers automatically.

Reporting and Accounting Tool

Avantik provides ready made reports for easier tracking to all tour operators or partners

Ancillary Revenue

Avantik has a unique ancillary product for groups/charter flights that allows for reserving and paying for ancillaries online prior to a ticket being issued. Our B2S product (available using our highly-customisable API or in a white label format) allows for passengers who know their flight, but do not yet have a reservation locator or e-ticket to reserve and pay for any ancillary. When the PNL is received for the group this is automatically matched and merged to the final ticket. This allows airlines to earn much more additional revenue from this type of passenger than in traditional systems.