Ancillary Revenue

Bravo understand the generation of ancillary revenue provides an important income for airlines today.

Our Bravo system allows you to charge for:

  • seat reservations
  • baggage charges
  • fee related SSR’s, such as special meals or the carriage of sports equipment
  • any ancillary revenue you can create, we can do.

Generic web services and open XML API allows ancillary content from other providers to be added, including Car Hire, Hotels, Lounge access and more to be added to the bookings, generating further income for your business.

Bravo PSS has a Booked Advanced Service (B2S). This is the channel for an airline to sell seat and special services to passengers who make a booking with a tour operator and do not yet have a flight booking. The system allows consumers to request a special service before a flight operates and at a pre-set time. The ancillary revenue then gets straight to the airline before the PNL is sent from the tour operator and then is automatically matched when the PNL comes in. This service is available through a white label portal or via our API for maximum customisation.