Travel Agency / Corporate portal

Bravo offers a comprehensive and easy to use business-to-business portal for agents internally or externally to use over the web we call myBravo agent. This web-based portal enables travel, call centre, airport, travel agents to securely log in over the web to acces most of the funcitons used to creat and manage bookings plus more!

In addition to the consumer functionality, the business-to-business portal can be configured to display last seat availability and provide access to customer profile information. Agency-based business rules can be used to allow access to group bookings, private and IT fares or the ability to book open return fares. We even include an upload feature within the portal for agencies to upload allotment files that are inputted automatically ino the system where a PNR and ticket are created.

Together with the standard functionality, this portal also allows addition of infant passengers online. PNRs can be queued from the agency to the airline and vice-versa as required.

The agency-based default payment method, credit agency account or invoice (or any of the other payment methods available for the business to client engine) can be used as a form of payment for reservations made through the business to business agency portal.

A travel agent (based on security privileges set within the system) can review a complete booking history. They can also search all active and past bookings using many search criteria

  • Name
  • Flight
  • Date
  • Origin / Destination
  • Booking Reference

Confirmation e-mails can be forwarded to other employees or customers. Agency users with sufficient privileges are able generate a variety of reports detailing tickets issued, flown, un-flown, refunded, cancelled and expired as well as fees collected.

The portal also allows agencies to review their cashbook, approved credit card payments, pending invoice payments and refund requests and to generate an agency wide sales report. All reports can be exported and saved to a CSV file.

Reports of all sorts can be generated from the portal according o customer requirements.