If you are growing your business then management reports are key to establishing what is happening in your business and forecasting what will happen. To this end, Bravo have built in a number of pre-defined reports and reporting cubes to assist you.

With Bravo all reports can be exported to HTML, CSV or XML format. There are some restrictions on the amount of data retrieved in these reports; these restrictions can be overcome by using Bravo Offline Reporting System Add-On (ORS). The ORS provides near real-time reporting and allows reports to be developed for any business function of the airline.

Management Information reports include the following types of reports and cubes:

  • Daily management/destination/flown summary
  • Sales revenue summary
  • Flight segment summary
  • Airline office sales
  • Travel agency sales
  • Internet sales
  • Flown revenue by sales channel, route or aircraft
  • Monthly/period sales summary statistics
  • Bookings and passenger segment by hours
  • Flight and booking analysis
  • Booking creation summary (per day and/or cumulative)
  • Booking creation per sales channel (per day and/or cumulative)
  • Flight passenger yield over flight period
  • Flight sales revenue over flight period
  • Flight load factor over flight period
  • Flight boarding/booking class over flight period
  • Flight closing summary over flight period
  • Flight and sales statistics cube
  • Look to book by route or agency
  • Flight Irregularities