Frequent flyer

Frequent Flyer Programmes (FFP) are very popular with consumers and Bravo have built this functionality into the Bravo passenger services system to assist your airline with the provision of these schemes.

integrated Bravo database. The Frequent Flyer modules use the Customer Profile function within the system. This provides maximum benefits to your customers by giving them full access to all information that is relevant for their travel experience. It enables you to make your frequent flyer programme successful using the customer relationship management options. The FFP extensions consist of four additional Bravo modules:

  • Frequent Flyer Extensions:
    • Link client profile creation with FFP enrolment
    • Save frequent flyer number (client profile)
    • Reference frequent flyer to booking
    • Identify frequent flyer in booking/departure control process
    • Highlight VIPs
  • Mileage Accrual:
    • Accrue points by miles or client profile
    • Miles and revenue calculator
    • Miles accounting
    • Display miles account (Avantik & web)
    • Add, edit, delete air adjustments
    • Add, edit, delete air non-air miles
    • Add, edit, delete calculation rules
  • Mileage Redemption
    • Spending miles on fare basis purpose
    • Calculate miles required for a booking
    • Identify classes allowed to use miles
  • Reporting and CRM:
    • Report miles usage
    • Lists by member level, status, miles, etc.
    • Use for promotion (emails, letters, etc.)
    • Track contacts and preference

Bravo offers FFP also through our FFP API for airlines to freely customise their online FFP customer experience.