Revenue Accounting

It is imperative to have a system which has excellent accounting functionality and we understand how important this is to you. As a result, Bravo includes real-time revenue accounting functionalities including reporting and a complete audit trail for and reconciliation of:

  • Tickets issued, flown, cancelled, refunded, expired, not flown, expired, exchanged
  • Forward sales, flown and unflown revenue
  • Fees booked, accounted, voided
  • Excess Baggage charges, payments, overrides
  • Taxes collected and flown
  • Vouchers issued, used and cancelled
  • Cashbook reporting per counter/user/point of sale
  • Agency/POS sales reporting
  • Payment and sales transactions
  • Credit card authorisations, settlements and approval auditing
  • Manual credit card entries
  • Refunded and voided payments
  • Outstanding balances
  • MPD capturing, reporting and reconciliation
  • BSP sales reconciliation (tickets issued, refunded, revalidated, exchanged, voided)
  • Credit card tracking and blacklisting

To give maximum flexibility, all revenue accounting reports can be exported to HTML, CSV or XML format.

Travel and corporate agencies can be created and maintained, allowing the configuration and tracking of agency commissions by agency, fare or sales channel. Agencies can be set-up with a credit agency account or a credit line that is then decremented and enforced as bookings are made. A wide range of travel/corporate agency reports are available in the system including:

  • Sales, payments and commissions
  • Invoice and credit agency account payments
  • Agency cashbook and counter sales
  • Unpaid agency reservations
  • Account balances
  • Tickets and fees sold and flown


Accounting Interfaces

Bravo offers direct interface options with revenue accounting systems using industry standard formats such as TCN. Bravo PSS also offers an integrated full XML based accounting extract including;

  • passenger segments and tickets
  • agency commissions
  • booking fees
  • vouchers
  • payments
  • refunds

We have integrated a variety of direct customised financial accounting interfaces including SAP, Navision, Tally and can confidently offer direct integration with your financial accounting package on request.