Inventory management & Pricing

Bravo Passenger Service System provides straight forward scheduling, fares and inventory management functionality. Our easy to use systems provide you with the capabilities you require for your business.


Bravo Schedule Management supports direct flights and multi-stop services with up to 16 legs. In addition, it also supports connections with one or more transfer points (dynamic based on routing table and minimum/maximum connection time or defined using a connection builder). You can create schedule records manually or you can load schedules based on SSIM7 files. The schedule information can be provided to OAG or Innovata either as SSIM7 files or SSM/ASM messages as required.

Fares, Taxes and Fees

Bravo PSS has a fully-integrated fare construction facility and stores the fare construction for each PNR. This includes all fare rules for review or overrides by agents (with sufficient security privileges as set up the system) and modification or cancellation processing. Proration is supported through transit point fare value distribution and prorate factors (mileage or airline defined values).

System allows O&D-based fare definition including:

  • an unlimited number of currencies
  • industry standard and carrier defined passenger type codes
  • fare based agency commissions (either as a flat amount or percentage)
  • one-way, segment based, half round-trip, open return fares and O&D fares
  • change fees and cancellation penalties as a fixed amount or percentage per segment/passenger based on point of sale (with minimum amount for percentage based fees)
  • logical fare class combinability restrictions based on time before, day of week, departure and minimum/maximum stay


Bravo system supports up to 26 classes which can be divided into an unlimited number of cabins and fare basis codes. The passenger service system allows for parallel, serial or complex nesting, controlling classes and an unlimited number of nests per cabin or across cabins.

To find out more about the system functionality available for inventory management and pricing, or to book your demonstration, please contact us via one of our links.