For reservations, Bravo gives great flexibility to airlines and meets all required standards. The system can be tailored to exact reservation requirements, yet remains easy to use and cost-effective.

The reservations module meets IATA standards at all levels. All messaging adheres to IATA AIRIMP and EDIFACT standards. The system uses standard segment status codes, e-ticketing, special service handling and OSI remarks. Bravo system automatically applies dynamic connection and married segment logic and supports passive and open return segments. The system includes advance seat assignment (including fees if applicable).

Our very flexible flight availability gives many availability display options including Lowest Fare/Flexible Fare Search for specific dates or a date range and can be launched from existing reservations, customer profiles or for new reservations. Reservations include standard segment information for an unlimited number of segments including

  • segment ID
  • carrier code
  • flight number
  • departure date
  • day of the week
  • departure and arrival time
  • boarding and booking class
  • segment status code and flight status
  • passenger elements (Last, First, Title, Passenger Type, DOB, APIS Information, FFP number and VIP identifier)
  • unlimited address/contact information

You can use Bravo system for all standard passenger types (i.e. adult, child, infant) and any additional custom types which may be required in specific markets. New passenger type codes can be defined; including processing rules such as standard weights for weight & balance by passenger type code, gender and aircraft type (both passenger and gross passenger weight). PNRs can be searched based on PNR/GDS record locator, passenger last, first or partial name, phone number, e-mail address, e-ticket number, origin and/or destination, flight date (range), carrier code, flight number, booking date (range) or agency.


Bravo supports:

  • credit and debit cards
  • cheques
  • agency credit accounts
  • invoices(including pro forma for groups and tour operators)
  • states order forms
  • MPDs or MCOs
  • vouchers
  • online/offline bank transfer
  • BSP


E-Tickets are automatically issued as soon as full payment has been received in the integrated database without the need for an external or third party e-ticket database. Tickets can be exchanged, voided and refunded as soon as changes are made. GDS and interline and code share bookings from other systems are imported into the core system and stored the same as internally-generated ticket numbers.

If you would like to see the Bravo reservations system in action and discuss how it could work for your company, please contact us using any of our links to book your demo.

Departure & load control

If you are looking for a complete passenger service system, Bravo offers a complete range of services including departure and load control. The system can be customised to your requirements and offers all the functionality you need to ensure processes run safely, smoothly and efficiently.