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Bravo and INFINI deploy PSS for JR Kyushu Jet Ferry

March 17, 2021

Bravo Passenger Solutions, in cooperation with INFINI Travel Information (“INFINI”), have deployed their Passenger Service System (“Bravo PSS”) for Japan’s JR Kyushu Jet Ferry (“JR Kyushu”). This is the first time the originally aviation-dedicated Bravo PSS has been utilised for non-air operations.

JR Kyushu is successfully utilising the Bravo PSS, including Bravo online retail solutions, for its ground-breaking, newly built vessel “Queen Beetle”, which was well received in September 2020. JR Kyushu is hoping to expand its market by offering new services with this revolutionary new vessel, linking domestic ports in Japan, as well as providing the vital ferry services between Japan and the Republic of Korea. Delivered by Austal Australia, the “Queen Beetle” has a length of 83.5 meters, gross tonnage of 2,582 tons, and a capacity of 502 passengers

Bravo PSS was fully customised to the requirements of the ferry operation and specific needs of JR Kyushu. It enables JR Kyushu to optimise their operations of its “Queen Beetle” jet ferry service by automating the management of the reservations, ticketing, and check-in processes. At the same time, Bravo and INFINI are proud to be part of the new era of nautical travel in Japan.

Bravo Passenger Solutions is a provider of passenger service systems for airlines and other modes of travel. With bases in Singapore, Bangkok and Prague and hosting in Switzerland, Bravo provides reliable PSS service on a global basis with its easy to use, innovative and customer-tailored Bravo PSS solution.

INFINI Travel Information, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a GDS provider offering travel and information services to the Japanese tourism industry. Established in Jun-1990, the company is a joint venture between ANA Holdings (60%) and Everest Investment Holdings Limited (40%).

JR Kyushu Jet Ferry, headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan, established in 2005, is a Japanese jet-ferry operator connecting Busan, Korea with Fukuoka and Tsushima, Japan, managed by the group company of JR Kyushu, a Japanese railway conglomerate.

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